TAIS Jacket

The TAIS jacket is a letterman-style sports jacket for the fall and winter months. It’s insulated to keep you warm when the air is cold. The navy blue torso with gray sleeves gives a nice contrast and matches just about everything in your wardrobe. It closes in the front with snaps.

Cost: $1800 NT


TAIS Hoodie

Simple, black, comfortable. The hoodie that just works in all situations. Easy to wash and keep clean and works in a variety of temperatures. It almost always the right choice no matter what the situation.

Cost: $1200 NT


TAIS T-Shirt

Need a shirt to exercise, play sports, or just hang out in? The TAIS T-Shirt is perfect for you. Made from a synthetic material that wigs away sweat, it’s perfect for keeping you cool in those humid summer months.

Cost: $300 NT


Sweat Pants

Made from a flexible and comfortable material, the TAIS Sweat Pants are designed for casual exercise or relaxing after school. The black color means they match most things, but are designed to wear with the TAIS T-Shirt.

Cost: $700 NT


TAIS Drawstring Bag

You can never have too many small bags to carry things in. The drawstrings keep your things from falling out. Perfect for going to the gym or out to town.

Cost: $200 NT


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