What is TAIS?

TAIS is a Griggs accredited international mission junior and high school located in the beautiful mountains of Nantou County. 95% of the students are native Chinese speakers studying in English and getting ready to go to colleges and universities abroad. With qualified teachers from at least 8 different countries, students get to experience different cultures while receiving the best instruction.

Why go to TAIS?

Multicultural experiences: With students and teachers from a variety of different backgrounds, you have the opportunity to broaden your horizons. Experience the beauty of Taiwanese culture which is a mixture of Chinese, Taiwanese, and aboriginal cultures that have developed over time. Our teachers and staff come from a variety of countries including, USA, South Korea, United Kingdom, Kenya, Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, and India. 

Learn Chinese: TAIS offers Chinese as a second language to foreign students. Become immersed in the language and practice with your classmates and when going to town. With nearly 1 billion people in the world speaking Mandarin, it’s a useful language to learn. 

Mission opportunities: TAIS is a mission school and we take outreach very seriously. We typically plan 3 mission and community service trips per year, one of which goes abroad. In addition, TAIS was created to spread the gospel to the students of Taiwan. We typically baptize a few of our students each year who find God.

Graduate on time: Since TAIS is accredited by Griggs out of Berrien Springs, Michigan, you can take a gap year and still continue your high school education and get the credits you need to graduate on time.

Natural Beauty: Taiwan is the hidden gem of Asia. Despite significantly lower tourist numbers than other Asian countries, Taiwan is full of natural beauty from waterfalls to natural hot springs, 100 peaks over 10,000 feet, vast mountain ranges, beautiful beaches, snorkeling, and TAIS is located next to the largest freshwater lake in the country, Sun Moon Lake.

Boarding Environment: TAIS is a boarding school so you’ll get to live with your Taiwanese classmates. We plan exciting weekend activities in which you’ll be able to bond with your classmates, learn skills, and practice sports and hobbies. Learn more about extracurriculars.

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