Joy Cup

Despite being a rough year with a world-wide pandemic, TAIS, TAC, and TAA were fortunate enough living in the mountains of Nantou to be able to host the annual Joy Cup sports competition in mid-October. The fall weather was a cool respite from the heat of summer which helped the athletes perform to their full potential. Competition was fierce and each school took home trophies and medals.

Most of the competitions were in running. 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, and various relay races were done from Sunday morning into the afternoon. Many TAIS students from 7th-12th grade placed in the top spots, but TAA won more medals in the running competitions.

Saturday night was the opening ceremony which includes marching, flag bearing, torch run and lighting of the torch, flag raising, team cheers, and sportsman’s oath. After that, TAA organized fun games which had a variety of tasks including sack race, spinning until dizzy, math problems, and shoe toss. It was a relay which included many contestants from each school. TAIS made it into the second round, but TAA won first place.

The tug of war result was a surprise for TAIS because we usually don’t do well in that competition. On the contrary, this year we came in second only to the much larger and heavier TAC students.

In the high jump, Derek, Janet, Janie and Jerry Chen all did really well and put in their best efforts. 

A new event introduced by TAIS was Ultimate Frisbee. This is a game where players must catch the disk and then pass it forward. The player with the disk cannot move, but other players will run to get open. It’s an intense, fast-paced game, which requires split second reactions and accuracy. TAIS won, but the other teams were new to the sport. Hopefully, it’ll become more popular at the three schools on campus.