A look back at recent graduates…


Class of 2015

From Left to Right: Ms. Moriah Hawkins, Amber, Angela, Alex, Sharon, Brian, Jolin, and Mr. Hawkins.


Class of 2016

Mr. Abraham, Ryan, Kevin, Leo, Elizabeth, Tyler, Andrew, Vincent, and Ms. Megan


Class of 2017

Jerry, Yen, Benjamin, Kiki, Rocky, Rhiana, Cruz, Aurora, Ivan, Benjamin, Annie, Ray


Class of 2018

Leo, Cynthia, Peter, Annie, Sean, Winney, Rose, Rex, Jenny, Tim, Antoinette, Albert


Class of 2019

Henry, Annie, Amos, Grace, James, Sariah, Johnson, Jason, Jerry, Rucy, Vicky


Class of 2020

Ken, Sky, Vicky, Beryl, Naomi, Joshua, Grace, Daniel


Class of 2021

Jerry, Derek, Annie, Loren, Peter, Vincent, Linnea, Andrea

TAIS has created a LinkedIn group for alumni to keep in touch with their classmates.

Alumni Return


We love for TAIS Alumni to come and speak to our students at assemblies, Fridays at 11 am. If you’d like to speak, please get in contact with us.

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