請假原則Student Leave Requests


TAIS留校週請假事項簡要指南Parental Leave Request Guidelines for TAIS On-Campus Weekends:


Leave Request Process:Parents should inform the Dormitory Dean of the reason for leave via phone, fax, or email before Wednesday.

2.特殊留校週“Closed weekend”:特殊留校週需經校長審核核准方可請假,除非遇到緊急事由(親屬死亡、直系/旁系親屬婚禮、政府事務、必要醫療需求)。

Restricted Leave Days:“Closed weekend” stays off-campus require approval from the principal, except for emergencies (bereavement, close/extended family weddings, official government matters, essential medical needs).

3.不核准請假事由Unexcused Absences Examples: Parent notes won’t excuse:

  • 疾病或受傷引起連續缺課需提供醫療證明 Repetitive illness/injury without a healthcare provider’s note.
  • 翹課 Class cutting.
  • 家庭旅遊 Family vacations.
  • 海外旅遊 Overseas trips.


請假程序Leave Procedure:


Parents are warmly welcome to join and celebrate with us the events marked on the calendar.