Literature and Literacy Program

TAIS is always on the hunt for engaging and enriching books. Younger generations respond positively to reading through graphic novel adaptations of classic literature. Partnerships for further literature enhancement are always welcome.

Business and Finance Program

TAIS is looking to expand the business program with hands-on opportunities for students to create small businesses and put business plans into action.

Technology Program

TAIS is currently phasing newer computers into the labs, both PC and MAC. Please contact us for more information on partnerships for technology development.

Applied Arts and Design

TAIS is looking forward to including AutoCAD, a commercial computer-aided design and drafting software program, in the future and welcomes interested partners for the procurement of 3D printers, and other necessary equipment and software for successfully implementing this program.

Math and Science Program

As TAIS strengthens the science department, we look forward to securing the necessary equipment for a more in-depth study of anatomy and physiology, biology, astronomy, chemistry, and physics. Please contact us for more information on the manner in which you may further support our science department improvement.

Physical Education

The physical development of a student is a primary goal for TAIS. In that regard, TAIS is phasing in more equipment to amplify the muscular, aerobic, and agility development of our students. Please contact us for more information on how you can partner in this program’s development. 

Performing Arts Program

TAIS is looking to expand our performing arts program into more drama and musical venues. We’re blessed with teachers and students who have a passion for performing arts and we would like more opportunities for them to showcase their talents.

Social Studies and Civics Program

We’re always looking for ways to bring history to life and this year we’ve made a school-wide push to incorporate more Taiwan history and civics into our curriculum. In addition, we’re looking forward to starting US Study Tours which will include class credit for social studies and/or literature.

Animal Husbandry Program

TAIS acquired a bull by the name of Coffee as part of the animal care program. We are looking to expand the program to give students the opportunity to learn how to care for more kinds of animals.

For those who wish to help…

We’re grateful for any help or support people can offer, even if it’s only your time. If you want to support our educational programs, please fill in the form and we’ll get back to you with details on how you can help. The process for international gifts is different than those in Taiwan and we will provide clear instructions based on your location.