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2024 TAIS Summer School runs from July 1st to July 26th and is a great opportunity for students to improve their English and receive high school credit for intensive courses. Students get to experience our beautiful campus, boarding school life, and international classes for 1 to 4 weeks, depending on personal needs and availability. Find out if western education is for you!

TAIS Summer School offers credit classes to ELL students. The day is divided into 90 minute classes. 1-2 classes will be an Applied Elective such as a Science or Social Studies, 1 class will be an Applied Language such as Speech, Drama, or Film, and 1  music or art period. In addition, students will have 40 minutes of PE and Sports in the middle of the day.(Tentative)


Rough schedule for new students attending TAIS Summer School. (Subject to change)


Facilities & Bulidings

Boy’s dorm 男生宿舍

Girl’s dorm 女生宿舍

Campus & Bulidings

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