Thought after graduation

By Stefano Lin/ Class of 2022

     Four years ago, my family chose for me to enroll in this school. I argued to change schools every day during the first week after I arrived, driven mainly by these concerns: Why am I only allowed to use my phone occasionally? Why eat vegetarian? Why am I only able to travel home once every two weeks? All of the issues I had with the school at the time have come to mind.

  Now that I’ve moved to Europe to study at a university, I’ve come to appreciate high school. Nobody will push you to do anything in university; you have complete freedom. When I first entered university, the most frequent issue students faced when trying to study was distraction from mobile phones. I later discovered that my reliance on mobile devices has decreased thanks to the high school’s mobile phone system.

  In regards to the vegetarian meal plan at school, I frequently complained to my parents that I would not mature if I followed it and that I would get very thin. But the truth is that I got stronger instead.

  Regarding staying in school, I used to constantly complain and make fun of it back then. Why attend church and continue attending school without a phone? Attending church and staying in school without my cell phone actually allowed me to spend more time with my high school classmates and brought us closer together at the time. Even if I am not a Christian yet, learning about other cultures, getting to meet people, and improving my English are all very beneficial. Spending weekends in high school with everyone is a truly priceless memory for me.

  Lack of phone distraction and exercise help me feel great in high school.In addition, the school occasionally organizes field trips, volunteer programs, and community service projects. These high school memories are also wonderful and unique!

  Finally, I want to say that there is no 100% perfect school in this world. No matter how excellent the school was, being a student still exposed many shortcomings from one’s own perspective. I used to despise everything, but now that I look back, I see how beautifully the teacher treated us. Academic performance is very important in high school. But most importantly, this school taught me to appreciate teachers, respect each other and culture, and care about society and people. These things I will never forget.

  Having said all that, let me just say that I was not asked to write this article.  What I have written above are my own feelings and opinions after graduation after leaving school for one year. I am very grateful to every teacher who worked so hard to change me ~ thanks you