Welcome to our TAIS website!

Thank you for showing an interest in us. We hope that spending time on this site will give you a glimpse of who we are.  

Taiwan Adventist International School prides itself on providing holistic education aimed at developing the whole person – body, mind and spirit.  This means that we aim to provide a quality academic program that will develop students who are independent, critical thinkers with strong intellectual curiosity. We also believe that a healthy body is linked to a healthy mind, and we provide opportunities for our students to adopt good habits in diet, sleep, exercise, and self-discipline. Most importantly, our education is centered around the belief that each person is uniquely created by a loving God who desires that they lead useful and joy-filled lives.

Enrolling at TAIS opens our students up to a world of opportunities. TAIS is part of the Seventh Day Adventist education network, the second largest network of schools worldwide with over 8,800 schools from primary to universities in over 100 countries. We hold three accreditations. TAIS are accredited by the Adventist Accrediting Association, by Griggs International Academy and by the Nantou County government as an experimental school. These accreditations provide our graduates with diverse opportunities. The American High School diploma means that our graduates can attend university abroad, as 99% of our students choose to do. The government accreditation offers them the choice to continue with university here in Taiwan if they so choose.  You can learn more about our accreditations here: Accreditations and about where our graduates go to school here: Universities TAIS graduates attend

Perhaps the most special aspect of being a part of TAIS is that we value the close relationships that we form with our students. Joining TAIS is becoming part of a family. Our small teacher- student ratio, our educational philosophy, and beautiful boarding facility combine to support enduring relationships. We aim to ensure each student is known and loved.  Our bonds are nurtured in the classrooms and in the dorms. They are developed through the club activates where we learn and play together. They are cultivated through our spiritual activities where we learn the worth God places on each individual and practice the value of service and love for others. They are nurtured through our care groups where students and faculty spend quality time together. 

We invite you to our beautiful campus to come and see for yourself. Welcome!