Open House 2023

We were excited to finally have an Open House on April 16th, 2023 after 3 years of COVID-19 restrictions. The turnout was strong and the students did a great job.

Science Fair

The science classes worked together under the direction of Ms. Jocelyn Kho to create a science competition. Each project had background research, hypothesis, procedure and testing, observations, and a conclusion. The students started with a question they wanted to answer and used the scientific method to answer the question. The results were interesting and informative.

Round 1: Parents check the projects and judge them.

Round 2: The finalists go to a panel of teachers to decide the winners.

Winners to be announced later.


At the Art Center, students showed what they have been learning through a variety of performances from choir to presentations, a dance, videos, and drama.

Other Class Projects

Most of the classes put in a lot of effort to show what they’ve been learning this year through innovative project-based learning. The Math department showed a variety of projects based on coordinate planes and geometry, the English department had many show-and-tell posters and art projects, the Art department showed a variety of projects including fashion design and modeling, and all the other classes had their projects on display as well.