Algebra 2 and Geometry Projects

Students in the Algebra 2 class used an online graphing calculator called Desmos to create drawings and cartoon characters by making lines with functions. They had to incorporate many different types of functions including exponents, linear equations, parabolas and more.

Earth Science Climate Change Newscast

Teacher: Ms. Heaven Shin

Students made a newscast about climate change disasters around the world. Click the photos to see the newscasts on Youtube!

Erika, josh, alisa, and Enzo


Jacob, Esther, and Howard
Amy, Andrew, William, Charles

PE Classes

PE classes are very different in person than they are online. Zumba class had some very interesting projects during our time online. Of course, it’s a fun class in person as well! 

Evanne Chiang
Sadness by Evanne
Mark Chiang
Purple eye by Mark Chiang
Mark Chiang
Stefano Lin
BMW Coupe by Stefano Lin
Stefano Lin
Porsche 911 by Stefano