Middle school and junior high is a very important time in a student’s education. Most of the students who enroll at TAIS during 7th or 8th grade face big challenges in both English Language and the learning of a new system. The American education system is very different from the Chinese system and students typically take at least one semester to adjust. At TAIS, we deeply understand their challenges and offer them a warm, nurturing environment for the transition. Most classes have support staff who are fluent in both English and Chinese to help students who struggle to understand the content.

The results are stellar. When students are able to get started in the American education system prior to the more fast-paced environment of high school, they perform much better in high school and spend less time in the ELL program. These skills take them all the way to university and beyond.


Junior High classes are a mixture of the core classes, science, math, social studies, and language arts, and electives such as art and cooking class. In addition, they get to go on at least two trips within Taiwan, each year. It’s both a time of learning and fun.