Most students are English language learners when they come to TAIS. We put a special focus and attention on helping them improve their English so that they can function and excel in college and fast-paced work environments.

Build a solid basis:
Language builds on itself. You can’t write paragraphs and essays if you don’t know vocabulary or grammar. The basic classes are:

  • Communication: Students practice listening and speaking in academic and formal settings.
  • Composition: Composition classes teach students the building blocks of academic writing.
  • Literature: Literature classes focus on academic reading and vocabulary. 
Academic Skills:
When students come to TAIS they usually have decent English conversation skills and can talk and write about everyday topics. Academic writing has a host of other vocabulary words and phrases with subtle meanings. We focus on bringing students academic skills up to where they should be so they can be successful in school and work
Credit Classes:
When students get into the B1-B2 CEFR range they are still in the ELL Program, but are taking credit classes and working on their diplomas.
Open High:
Those in the CEFR range of A1 to B2 are enrolled in the ELL Program. When they reach C1 and above, they are able to move on to open high, on-level courses and workload.
Dynamic Environment:
In all areas, TAIS is committed to providing dynamic, fun, exciting opportunities for students to learn and experience learning.