COVID19 Report: TAIS Response

One thing has dominated the news since January: COVID19. It’s wreaking havoc in countries around the world, shutting down tourism and travel, and changing the way we interact with each other. What is TAIS doing to combat this threat? Our approach has been measured and multifaceted. 

  • Masks: Students and teachers are encouraged to wear masks whenever they are interacting indoors. Having two layers of protection between people has been proven to be effective.
  • Sterilization of Classrooms: Classrooms are sterilized with diluted bleach and alcohol on a daily basis. Desks, chairs, and doorknobs are wiped down with disinfectant at the end of every school day.
  • Additional Space in Group Gatherings: During assembly, church, and other events where the whole school is present, additional space is provided between students.
  • Avoid Peak Travel Times: Since we are a boarding school, students have had to use public transit to go home and return. The schedule has been altered so that students travel at non-peak times reducing their contact with others who may be infected.
  • More Weekends on Campus: We canceled weekend leaves during the month of April to reduce the risk for students traveling back and forth in the cities and using public transit.
  • Avoid Crowds and Sporting Events: Sports tournaments have been canceled to reduce contact with students from other schools.
  • Track Travel on Breaks: In order to decrease chances of transmission, students, teachers, and staff have provided travel itineraries and any travel to high risk places has been red flagged. TAIS staff are watching the Taiwan CDC reports and cross referencing any travel that could expose students and faculty to the virus.
  • Encourage Hand Washing: Multiple presentations have been done to encourage students to be careful and frequently wash hands. Hand sanitizer is at the entrance of all buildings and soap is in the bathrooms.

Be Prepared: TAIS faculty and staff are aware that despite the best efforts, school may need to be closed in the future. To get ready for this, TAIS conducted two days of online courses, April 6th and 7th, to ascertain the readiness of students and teachers for online classes. Evaluations have been made and adjustments have been undertaken to be ready if the school suddenly must close.


We’re committed to putting education first and being ready for what comes.