Taiwan Adventist International School (TAIS) is located in Nantou County and provides a wholistic educational program with an American curriculum and accreditation.

TAIS has been officially approved by the government to be established as an international experimental education institution since June 2015. It provides American-style whole-person education programs for grades 7 to 12 (Taiwanese middle school 1st to Senior High 3rd), including the independent learning and independence required for American wholistic education. Critical thinking, character development and academic performance are equally important in American education and Christian based curiculum. It is also the only American boarding high school in Taiwan in the Adventist education system. Taipei Adventist American School (TAAS) are the only two Adventist American schools in Taiwan.

Students are enrolled legally as students in the Taiwanese and American experimental education certification (at least 1.5 years after enrollment and completion of study requirements). TAIS is the first in Taiwan to provide American-style wholistic development courses in a boarding international experimental education institution with humanistic care and character development. It has legal dual education in Taiwan and the United States. All Taiwanese children are welcome to apply for school. No foreign passport is required.

Nantou County Adventist Experimental Education Institution (TAIS) adopts a non-school-style experimental education method, abides by the principle of small classes, low teacher-student ratio, and uses the American Adventist education system and the Griggs International Academy (GIA) certification of the Maryland in the United States. The course of study includes what students from grades 7 to 12 need to study in an American high school, including life skills training courses, life education and community service, career exploration and experience. For the purpose of TAIS is cultivating a healthy citizen with the balanced development of moral, intellectual, physical, social, and academic education.