7 Advantages of TAIS Education

1: Personalized Education

In the 21st century, adaptability is important. Western education seeks to provide the student with well-rounded learning so he or she is prepared and has the freedom to seek a variety of career paths. TAIS has opportunities for students to explore their interests and passions and grow as individuals. 

TAIS has a 4:1 student-teacher ratio which provides close support for all students. AP Science, Art, Math, and English are ways in which students can excel. The sky’s the limit. 

2: Lifetime Friendships

TAIS is a family and students make important and lasting friendships. On-weekends provide unique bonding opportunities outside the classroom that are not available in a conventional school.

3: Character Development

Holistic education means developing body, mind, and character together. TAIS teaches Dignity, Honor, and Respect in all classes and activities in small groups. Our students are better people when they graduate and many alumni mention how much they appreciate the character development in every aspect of TAIS education. 

4: Community Service

Under Griggs International Academy accreditation, TAIS students are required to perform 20 hours of community service each year they attend this school. TAIS organizes several yearly trips around Taiwan and abroad to places like Africa, India, Thailand, and Cambodia where students can receive important life experiences while giving back to others less fortunate. We see service this as a part of our curriculum and character development. 

5: Dedicated Teachers

The teachers at TAIS are so dedicated that they volunteer huge amounts of their time on weekends and evenings to help students become better people. Our faculty and staff are one of our biggest assets. All of this time makes a huge impact on students’ lives and they are closer to teachers because of it. 

6: Family Atmosphere

Teachers and deans provide students with round-the-clock support and help in academics and personal growth. The dorms provide a family-like setting for students to grow as individuals and closer to each other. 

7: Growth Mindset

TAIS seeks to encourage a growth mindset and not only support students in holistic growth, but model it for them as well. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves in a variety of mental and physical tasks with continual growth as the goal.