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南投復臨為基督復臨安息日會在台創立唯一的「美式國高中」,別無分校,若有自稱是復臨分校者,請勿相信。以下幾點說明: 1. 「南投復臨」中文全名為「南投縣復臨國際實驗教育機構」(簡稱「南投復臨」),英文名字為Taiwan Adventist International School(簡稱 「TAIS」)。按照實踐教育法於核准立案時需在機構名稱前加上設立所在地名「南投縣」,並非意指在南投以外有其他任何分校 2. 本機構學程分為「國中部」與「高中部」,為7-12年級6年制美式國高中學程,絕無完成國中後需要轉學到台北就讀高中課程機制,請勿相信。 3. 基督復臨安息日會在台設立之大學以下學校共計有: TAAS復臨美國小學(需要第二護照的美式小學,在台北陽明山)、TAIS南投縣復臨國際實驗教育機構(全英文上課的美式課程,不需要第二護照的美式國高中,在南投)、TAA南投縣私立三育高級中學(全中文上課,依照教育部課綱的國、高中,在南投),除以上三所,若有自稱者,歡迎電洽049-2899778或049-2897309確認 4. 本機構與TAA南投縣私立三育高級中學共同使用同一校園(三育基督學院內、佔地52公頃),但分別為2間獨立行政與教學之教育單位,各自有其獨立之教學樓、宿舍與教職員,共同使用之校園學習場域如體育館、運動場、藝文中心的使用時間皆錯開,學生管理亦有其各自的管理機制,並未重疊。TAIS南投復臨是獨立且合法之實驗教育機構,並非TAA南投縣私立三育高級中學之「國際部」,特此說明 以上聲明,若有任何疑問,歡迎於上班時間來電了解更多,謝謝!..


TAIS offers Griggs accredited high school courses and diploma

The school year is divided into 2 semesters, fall and spring. Every semester has 9 weeks…..


Accepting applicants for 2022-2023 school year

Apply to TAIS 2022-2023 school year and find out more about the program details and application process.



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School Events

TAIS hosts a variety of interesting events every semester. All events are open to faculty and students. These events are designed to give students a holistic learning environment, and to help them to explore their potentials.

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Taiwan Adventist International School



The mission of TAIS is to empower and motivate its students to develop wisdom, live healthfully, care for others, and know God. We offer a holistic education engineered towards preparing students for a successful future.


Courses of Study

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TAIS prepares students for studying abroad with an international education in chemistry, physics, biology, and physical science. Students experience science in a state of the art laboratory with hands on experiments and lab reports similar to what  they’ll experience in foreign universities.

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Social Science

Learning about the world is important for students to make good decisions in life. Social studies, history, geography, government, and more, offer students opportunities to process facts and use critical thinking. They practice foundational skills in writing and analysis which will be important for success in college abroad.

English and Language

Many students at TAIS go through English as a second language intensive classes. In addition, every student must take 4 years of English literature which includes writing. Most students at TAIS choose Chinese as their foreign language, but some choose French or Spanish.

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